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Hospitality  ✲  Shelf Styling, Ceiling Installation, Wall Item Assemblages, Plant and Pot Selection

The Glen Hotel Garden Grille & The Deck Restaurant Areas

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Corporate  ✲  Interior Styling, Prop Sourcing, Prop Styling, Visual Merchandising

Waterlea Estate Display & Sales Centre

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Who We Are

Based in Brisbane, the stylist team of IndigoJungle provide interior styling and design services which blend the new and the old, to deliver spaces that are individual, warm and perhaps sometimes, unconventional.

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Residential  ✲  Art Curating, Object Sourcing, Art Placement, Shelf Styling

Private Residence - Rochedale House

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Hospitality  ✲  Decorative Installations, Custom Fabric Design, Cushion Sourcing

Darling&Co - The Swayze Room

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Hospitality  ✲  Framing Strategy, Interior Styling, Prop Sourcing

Dutch Courage Officers' Mess

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Industry  ✲  Photo Shoot Styling, Prop Sourcing

COX Richardson - Casuarina Home, Northern NSW Coast

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Commercial  ✲  Interior Styling, Object Sourcing, Photo Shoot Styling

Indigo Jungle Garden Studio

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Published  ✲  Prop Sourcing

Harper’s Bazaar

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Corporate  ✲  Interior Styling, Object Sourcing


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Residential  ✲  Interior Styling, Object Sourcing

Red Hill House

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