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Ashgrove Residence - Part 2

Here, architecture and landscaping are celebrated but most importantly, the design and styling of the interior finishes and soft furnishings transform this house into a home.

This is a house with few doors - most rooms flow from one to the other - so enhancing the visual connection between spaces offered great possibilities. The main styling threads of textures and a concise colour palette weave the spaces together. The rooms styled include the main bedroom, en-suite, and walk-in robe.

Colours introduced in the bedroom are restrained and link existing artworks and objects with the new cabinetry. Custom-made black French linen drapes bring drama and atmosphere to the room, and are accented by metallic highlights and an earthy tabac leather ottoman.

The walk-in robe is the counterpart of the bedroom. The black cabinetry and the textures and colours found in the woven rug, ceramic light fitting, the aged brass detail on drawers and the copper piping rail, all contributes to the intimate feel of this room. The antique chest of drawers creates an idiosyncratic break in the style.

The en-suite is all luxury. The texture of a large wall of tiny concave tiles complements the smooth form of the freestanding pod bath and burnished custom-made concrete benchtop. Timber and bamboo bring warmth with a hint of Japanese influence. The large windows embrace the views of the leafy gully, the interior making a direct relation with its subtropical environment.