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Moments of surprise, based on an 'Alice in Wonderland' concept characterise this latest collaboration with architects Marc&Co (see also [Fox Hotel](../project/fox-hotel) and [Pensar](../project/pensar-office)) for the headquarters of BlueSky Alternative Investments Limited. The IndigoJungle creative strategy also connects to a sense of place, giving the interiors an 'earthy mangrove' feel, and complementing the inventive architectural design elements at play in the space.

We sourced and installed the kitchen and bathroom wares, soft furnishings, and decorative items in this workspace for 50 investment specialists. A key element of our work for BlueSky and Marc&Co was the concept development and coordination of the artworks for the staff locker rooms. These fun, bespoke pieces, produced on plywood, play on the idea of the Vitruvian Man and ergonomic standards.