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BlueSky Annual Investor Day

Every year, Blue Sky host an Investor Day. Held at the Great Hall of the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, IJ styled the registration area, breakfast buffet, and cafe/chill out zone as distinctive experiences to punctuate the day of presentations and showcases for attendees.
The view from Blue Sky’s headquarters in 111 Eagle Street installed as a photographic triptych was the inspiring backdrop to welcome participants at the registration desk. Extra touches, incorporating the company’s corporate identity, were added to the breakfast buffet such as handwritten food labelling, blue dot cut-outs, and lush foliage.

In the high volume of the Great Hall, the Blue Sky Cafe and Chill Out Zone was designed to stand out and be seen from all parts of space. A stylised version of the typical fish ‘n’ chip cafe, the zone was enclosed by tall curvilinear strip curtains creating a serene place to take a break from the buzz of the larger event. The all white furnishings accented with minimalist greenery and welcoming scatter cushions were reminiscent of the interior of Blue Sky’s headquarters.