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Indigo Jungle Garden Studio

The Garden Studio of IndigoJungle is a space of surprise. A dark prism from the outside, a tall, angular, light-filled volume on the inside, it nestles into the side of a gully in the leafy subtropical landscape of Brisbane's inner west. From its simplicity of form, a creative, spiritual quality emanates, such as is found in other singular structures: it is like a little temple or pristine hermitage.

Conversations with the architect began with thoughts of timber sheds, one-room cabins; simple, honest spaces, minimally resourced. As the project evolved the creative collaboration of IndigoJungle also emerged, and the brief developed as a working studio environment, with desks, overhead lighting, storage for samples and other design and styling materials. The finishes, while clean and elegant are robust enough for painting/dyeing and other 'hands on' production. Extra desking, ingeniously set into the triangular wall framing, folds down when required for extended project planning and meetings.

Modest materials are inventively formed and detailed by the architect to offer an entirely unique workplace and a truly evocative experience of our subtropical place.

Client Testimonial

When we collaborate with Indigo Jungle, the girls help take the design to another level. They are very organised, attentive to detail and maintain the highest level of service, which makes everyone’s job easier. Indigo Jungle’s eye for design and style, adds value to our projects. We have worked on a number of projects together and we look forward to many more.

Angus Munro  ✲  Marc&Co