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Red Hill House

IndigoJungle developed a styling concept of boyish, casual eclecticism for this project to reimagine the bedrooms of three sons. The bed heads were custom-made as hardy backdrops for the furnishings and other items IJ sourced and installed. The final result is fun, personalised, practical, and low maintenance; perfect for knockabout, sport obsessed boys.

Client Testimonial

We were looking for someone to help us style our newly-renovated home, and IndigoJungle were recommended to us through social media.

We had a media room and three children's bedrooms that needed warmth and softening as well as rearranging their layout.

IndigoJungle designed a scheme that was relaxed, hard-wearing and fun; a scheme which targeted the ages of my 3 boys perfectly.

They presented us with an overall concept, which they then fine-tuned to give us a detailed schedule once we had decided on the things we liked. They worked on budget and were in charge of all the ordering and deliveries ... and then, this was the best part! ... the stylists came and installed it all, ensuring their vision came to life smoothly for us all. The boys love their spaces and we use the media room a lot more comfortably now.

I have no hesitation in recommending the team at IndigoJungle!