Hospitality  ✲  Shelf Styling, Ceiling Installation, Wall Item Assemblages, Plant and Pot Selection

The Glen Hotel Garden Grille & The Deck Restaurant Areas

Adding a sense of familiarity and warmth to the Garden Grille Restaurant was the first part of the brief for the Glen Hotel project. With an already established garden nearby and imagining what makes Queenslanders feel right at home, we conceptualised a backyard garden shed theme crossed with the archetypal Queenslander verandah. Using a range of materials such as tin, timber, rattan, clay, wire, both old and new, we devised a modern twist on grandpa chic style.

Consisting of a hanging garden installation from an already existing ceiling feature, along with the garden shed wall assemblage, large-scale rustic planters and tropical plants completed the home-like verandah vibe, the Garden Grille was completed with the layer of styling requested and our client and their patrons couldn’t be happier.

Secondly, the styling scope consisted of restaurant caddy top shelf styling of plants, baskets and garden shed artefacts, wall hooks for seasonally placed items, further wall assemblages in the gazebo zone in the Alphonsus Pizza area along with hanging baskets of fernery and tropical plants in pots below in The Deck dining precinct.